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The decentralized international betting platform "Yunwan Sports" received a US$20 million investment from a16z


Recently, the decentralized international betting platform "Yunwan Sports" has attracted the attention of many institutions and big Vs due to the outstanding performance of the platform token YWT and the development and potential of the platform. Among them, a16z, Binance Labs and other institutions have shown strong investment interest. Just in the past two days, a16z invested US$20 million in "Yunwan Sports".

About Yunwan Sports

"Cloud Sports" started in 2020. It is jointly created by Hong Kong Baldor Group Co., Ltd., Greendoor International (Asia) Holdings Co., Ltd., China Sports and Health Group Co., Ltd., and International Wealth Management Center Co., Ltd. to create data, video, and live broadcasts. , insurance, industrial investment, commercial investment, and football sports - a comprehensive platform with total assets of more than 7 billion Hong Kong dollars. It has a comprehensive layout in 33 countries and regions around the world, and its agency contract layout covers the world and radiates around the world.

"Yunwan Sports" continues to deepen the exploration of system innovation, lead the platform's energy level leap, and optimize financial institutions to form strong service capabilities. As a disruptor in the financial industry, "Yunwan Sports" will be committed to reshaping the entire financial system and realizing financial fairness, transparency and democracy. In the fields of financial and entertainment applications, "Yunwan Sports" will redefine blockchain technology Traditional concepts such as assets, currency, investment and trading solve the problems of exchange, transaction and transfer of funds, contracts and digital assets on the Internet, and strive to create a decentralized international betting platform.

Strong support from multiple capital institutions

As early as 2015, Hong Kong Baode Group Co., Ltd. registered HKD 50 million to assist the creation and signing of the Yungwan Sports International Betting Platform. In 2021, "Yunwan Sports" received signing assistance of HK$10 million and HK$1 million from Greendoor International (Asia) Holdings Co., Ltd. and China Sports and Health Group Co., Ltd. In 2022, it will receive an injection of HKD 1 million from International Wealth Management Center Co., Ltd. This year, “Yunwan Sports” has received capital support from Weixin Capital and a16z. It has successfully attracted the attention of industry venture capital institutions such as Binance Labs, ETORO GROUP, Blockchain Capital, BlackRock, and Crystal Capital.

What is the charm of "Cloud Play Sports"?

Why are so many top institutions optimistic about and investing in "Yunwan Sports"? What is its charm?

As one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century, the sports industry has shown an eye-catching development trend. The global sports market continues to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.1% per year and is expected to reach US$2,534.65 billion by 2024. The sports industry has surpassed the GDP growth rate of most countries and has become the most eye-catching economic engine in the new century.

Yunwan Sports not only focuses on traditional sports competitions, but is also committed to breaking traditional boundaries and integrating sports into people's lives. With the support of cutting-edge technologies such as smart technology, virtual reality and blockchain, we will integrate the social, cultural and economic value of sports and create a new digital sports ecosystem through the innovation of digital technology. Allowing users to participate in virtual court interactions, experience smart fitness technology, and deeply experience the beauty of the integration of technology and sports. Let users no longer be spectators, but participants, decision-makers, and creators in the football world, and we can work together to create the future of digital football!

1) In terms of ecological development

"Yunwan Sports" will carry out diversified ecological development and layout such as digital football investment, ecological community co-construction, fan participation in decision-making, star economic model, virtual stadium interaction, etc., and is committed to breaking the boundaries of traditional football viewing and creating a richer, more A fun and engaging experience.

●Digital football investment: "Yunwan Sports" is not only a game viewing platform, but also an innovative place for digital football investment. Users can use platform tokens to participate in team decision-making, support stars, make football bets, and enjoy a diversified investment experience.

●Ecological community co-construction: "Yunwan Sports" encourages users to actively participate in community building, share opinions, make suggestions, and build a vibrant digital football community with other football enthusiasts.

●Fans participate in decision-making: "Yunwan Sports" uses platform tokens, fans will have the opportunity to participate in team decision-making, from the locker room atmosphere to substitute appearances, to achieve the direct impact of fans on the team, making every fan become the team's part.

●Star economic model: "Yunwan Sports" introduces the star economic model, allowing users to support their favorite stars, share the star's income, become a part of the star's success, and promote the star's influence on the platform.

●Virtual stadium interaction: "Yunwan Sports" uses platform tokens to create virtual stadiums. Fans can use tokens to purchase virtual tickets, visit virtual stands, interact with other fans, enjoy the game atmosphere together, and promote social networking and community building.

2) In terms of interaction and cooperation between users

"Yunwan Sports" breaks the traditional audience model through interaction and cooperation mechanisms between users such as joint betting, cooperative creation, joint challenges, digital football knowledge sharing, and virtual team leagues, transforming users from single viewers to active participants in the community , jointly build the unique charm of the digital football ecosystem.

a. Joint betting: Users are encouraged to form joint betting groups and participate in game betting together. Through cooperative betting, we can not only improve the success rate of betting, but also share betting experiences, allowing group members to have a deeper understanding of digital football events.

b. Collaborative creation: "Yunwan Sports" encourages cooperation among users in digital football creation. Whether it's co-creating a digital football story or joining forces to create unique digital football art, this kind of collaboration can inspire creative inspiration while also providing users with opportunities for win-win cooperation.

c. Joint challenges: Joint challenge activities are launched regularly, requiring users to form a team to jointly complete the challenge goals. This not only tests team collaboration skills, but also provides users with the opportunity to work together to achieve victory.

d. Digital football knowledge sharing: In community building, users are encouraged to share knowledge and experience in the field of digital football. Through cooperation and sharing, users can jointly improve their understanding of the digital football field and build a deeper community culture.

e. Virtual team league: Create a virtual team league, allowing users to form their own virtual teams and compete with other teams. This cooperation model not only increases the fun of the community, but also encourages users to collaborate more closely.

3) In terms of operating mechanism

"Yunwan Sports" uses the platform token YWT as a link to connect everything. The diversified experience space created by the platform, fans, players, creators, stars, etc. are connected together and given corresponding rights and interests.

In this unique ecosystem, by participating in platform activities, betting on games, and creating digital football art, users will not only obtain YWT, but also feel the rich rights and interests that the ecosystem brings to them. For VIP3 and above members, they have the opportunity to choose to collect 30% of the dynamic income in the form of YWT and enjoy the value-added of digital assets in the ecosystem.

The introduction of the fan voting system makes users no longer just spectators on the court, but participants in the team's decision-making. By voting, they can influence the team's decisions and jointly create glory for the team. At the same time, the issuance of NFT star cards has pushed digital football to a new level. Users can own unique star digital assets through YWT and participate in the wonderful world of star economy.

At present, YWT has only been launched recently and is still in the low-price stage. With the launch of the OTC asset management system, the blessing of capital such as Weixin Capital and a16z, and the continuous development of major ecosystems, the value-added space of YWT will be immeasurable.

It is reported that with the support of many capital and cooperative institutions, "Yunwan Sports" is negotiating with major mainstream trading platforms. YWT will be launched on major mainstream trading platforms such as Huobi, Gate.io, okex, Binance, and Coinbase. , will bring a new upward trend and bring new changes to digital sports.

Therefore, please participate in "Yunwan Sports" as soon as possible and obtain YWT, and share the new digital sports feast brought by Yunwan Sports together!

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