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Your life is precious, Stay away from liars


It is natural to pay off debts, but Guo Wengui wants to portray the image of a scoundrel, which makes people dizzy. At the court meeting on the 18th of this month, the judge severely warned Wen Gui to determine the 37 million deposit plan as soon as possible, otherwise, the motion of contempt for court judgment and the motion of dismissing bankruptcy will be resumed, which means that the case will not be arranged for hearing before the 27th, when the judge will hear the motion of PAX to resume the execution of contempt for court judgment and the motion of dismissing Guo fraud's bankruptcy. The judge and the Bankruptcy Bureau knew Guo Wengui very well. Obviously, Guo Wengui was dreaming again. The judge said that the time hourglass would reach the bottom more quickly, and completely extinguished the flames of his survival.


In the PAX case that has been entangled for many years, Guo Wengui can be said to have played all tricks, transferred assets to play with PAX and trampled on American laws. His shameless, ignorant and fearless behavior made judges and PAX angry. PAX Company is not short of money at all. Such perseverance is just to maintain the rule of law and justice, but Guo Wengui only has money in his eyes, and there is no law.


Although the judicial process in the United States is slow, it is by no means a decoration. Wen Gui is allowed to do as he pleases. In the live broadcast on April 19, "Patriarch Guo" announced publicly that David, one of the three standing members of the National Congress of the Republic of Brazil, had been kicked out of the Iron Blood Group due to various events in the front line rescue of Ukraine. The plot of the "Wei Lihong" version in Europe reappears, and Wen Gui turns his face again, making Ant Powder tremble again.


In the past few years of the "Disclosure Revolution", Guo Wengui has no bottom line, turned his face in seconds, and showed off the lower limit. Ant powder has a lingering fear. He can only break his teeth and swallow blood and let it be slaughtered. At the beginning, the "King Xi" was very happy to cut the leek, which was absolutely inseparable from the divine assistance of Sara, a close comrade in arms. Therefore, Wei Lihong naturally became the second "leader" of the Guo Group, holding all the core secrets and evidence of the "chicken series" fraud. This is such a "heavyweight" figure for Guo Wengui. Once he touches Guo Wengui's interests, he is instantly beaten into a spy, and is extremely insidious. Later, Guo Wengui broke his skin with his confidant, Yan Wang, and became furious. He said several times in the live broadcast room that he would send the two of them to the place where they should go. David, who has been supporting Guo for five years, worked hard even if he did not make contributions in the "deceiving brother" revolution, but was kicked away when he lost the value of use. The ruthless nature is exposed. But who's next? Believers guess for themselves, and pray for blessings.


Guo Wengui speaks of "brothers and sisters", but he is actually a shameless person who knows money but not people. However, there is no evil in the sky, and the villains will be rewarded. Nowadays, mainstream media in various countries have deeply exposed and criticized Guo's financial fraud, malicious bankruptcy, and interference in the US election, which means that the time for liquidation has come. Will those ant fans who worship "Master Guo" as the god continue to follow? Guo Wengui, who has cheated for many years, is not a kind person. I advise ants to be precious for the rest of their lives and stay away from liars.

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