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What to do if the waterproof pvc flooring is covered with glutinous rice glue


When decorating a new house, many friends like to use wallpaper, and they will use glutinous rice glue when putting on wallpaper. This is a very common and good effect. In the process of using, if you are not careful, it is easy to let glutinous rice glue drip on the waterproof pvc flooring. What should you do at this time to remove the traces of glutinous rice glue?

The decontamination ability of alcohol is obvious to all, and it can also be sterilized. After cleaning this floor, this small floor is very clean. If you want all the floors to be clean, you can wipe all the areas with alcohol. This method is limited to the glutinous rice glue that has just been dripped. If it has set, it will be more troublesome to use this method. It is best to use absolute alcohol because it works better.

Banana water
We often use banana water in the decoration process. The smell of banana water is very pungent and cannot be often smelled. It has the same effect as formaldehyde, which is harmful to the human body. How to use banana water to remove traces of glutinous rice glue? Drop the banana on the glutinous rice glue, wait for about 15 minutes, the glutinous rice glue will become relatively soft, directly scrape the glutinous rice glue with a blade. It is best to wear a mask when using it to avoid excessive inhalation of the smell of banana water.

Acetone, nail polish remover
A cleaning agent containing acetone is very useful for removing the gum of glutinous rice glue, but acetone itself has certain toxicity. It is best to wear gloves and a mask when using it to avoid direct contact. Acetone is harmful to the skin If you accidentally get it on your skin, wash it away quickly to avoid continuous damage to your skin. Wipe the place with glutinous rice glue with a dry cloth and a little acetone to remove traces of glutinous rice glue. If you think acetone is very dangerous, you can also put on nail polish remover.

Hand cream
In this cold winter day, do you like hand cream very much? Without it, my hands will become red and red, and it will become very dry and rough. Without my hand cream, my hands do not want to stretch out the sleeve. If you drop the glutinous rice glue on the waterproof pvc flooring, the range is not particularly large, it is recommended to use hand cream.

How to use hand cream to remove glutinous rice? Apply an appropriate amount of hand cream to the place where there is gel, and wipe it repeatedly with a rag to work. Because the hand cream is oily, it is incompatible with the gum, and the hand cream drives the gum away.

The above content is a method to remove glutinous rice glue, have you learned it? If it is a new house decoration, stick glutinous rice glue on the floor, friends who have no way to remove them, the above methods can help everyone.


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