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The Advantages of Pillow Top Mattress


With the gradual increase in life pressure, more and more people's sleep quality is declining, and there are backaches. In addition to too much pressure, not choosing a good mattress is also an important reason. The pillow top mattress is a very good mattress choice.


Pillow top mattress is a relatively high-end mattress. From the appearance point of view, an extra layer of cushion, also called cushion layer, is stitched on the top of the main body of the mattress. The entire mattress is named because this extra cushion layer resembles a pillow. The cushioning layer of a pillow top mattress generally contains three layers. The uppermost fabric layer is the same as the normal mattress fabric layer, and then the filling layer, which can be woven into latex or memory foam or high-grade sponge, and the functional layer underneath is usually planted. Into the wave, play the role of silencer, ventilation and pressure buffer. The reason why the pillow mattress is a relatively high-end mattress is not only because of its peculiar buffer layer structure, but also because its comfort is much higher than that of ordinary mattresses. From the structure of the pillow mattress, it is equivalent to There are two cushions, so it is twice as comfortable as a normal mattress. Because the two cushions support the weight of the human body together, it naturally distributes part of the pressure, so that the pressure of the cushion is relatively reduced, thereby increasing the durability of the cushion. The biggest feature of pillow mattresses is that their air permeability is better than ordinary mattresses. There is a ring of grooves where the cushion layer connects with the main body of the mattress, also called tiger mouth. It is made of a highly breathable non-woven fabric. This structure is tantamount to opening the cushion layer and the main body of the mattress. A skylight enhances its breathability.

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