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Precautions for purchasing Bedside Table Lamp


      The reason why Bedside Table Lamp is more and more popular is that Bedside Table Lamp is not only limited to the use of table lamps, but also because people are pursuing Bedside Table Lamp to be practical while pursuing the beauty of its design. Wall lamps and floor lamps are both It can be used for the installation of Bedside Table Lamp. Of course, whether it is Bedside Table Lamp or other lamps, it has its particularity, but what is the most taboo of Bedside Table Lamp? What should you pay attention to when choosing a Bedside Table Lamp? Let’s go to know the following.

       Pay attention to Bedside Table Lamp:
       1. Dim light:
        The light of the Bedside Table Lamp should be soft, not to reduce the brightness, because the dim light will cause depression, and for some people who have the habit of reading before going to bed, this will damage their eyesight. If the light is too bright, it will irritate people's eyes and make people unable to sleep peacefully; if the light is too dark, it will affect people's mood before going to bed.

       2. The color tone of Bedside Table Lamp modeling:
       The lighting of Bedside Table Lamp is not only good for spending time before going to bed, but also convenient for people to wake up in the middle of the night, because people often feel very sensitive to light when they wake up in the middle of the night, and it looks very dark during the day. , At night, people feel that there is plenty of light.

       3. Energy-saving lamps cannot be dimmed:
       When choosing Bedside Table Lamp, many people hope to choose a dimmable energy-saving lamp for installation. Because energy-saving lamps cannot be dimmed, it can be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Since the energy-saving lamp itself is a low-energy-consumption lamp, it can save electricity better than ordinary light bulbs. If the energy-saving lamp is an adjustable light, the energy-saving lamp will reduce its service life due to frequent changes in light efficiency.


        Points to note when choosing Bedside Table Lamp:
        1. The Bedside Table Lamp switch should be within reach:
  Because the types of lamps are different, their placement and installation positions are also different. Or put a slender floor lamp beside the bed, or put a European-style table lamp on the walnut bedside table, or install a small wall lamp on the wall beside the bed. When you are drowsy and want to turn off the lights, if the Bedside Table Lamp switch can't make you reach out of your hand while lying down, you have to look for the switch or adjust the brightness, so you may not have much sleepiness left.

      2. Bedside Table Lamp should be higher than sitting and lying position:
     When reading a book, if the height of the desk lamp is the same as or slightly lower than the height of your lying on the bed, if the light cannot directly hit the book, it is easy to make your eyes feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when reading, you should not only increase the position of the Bedside Table Lamp, but also install a dimmable wall lamp on the background wall of the bed.
    3. When choosing a wall lamp, reserve the wire head:
      The installation position of the wall lamp is generally a double-headed wall lamp above the bed or in the middle, or one on each side. But it should be noted that if there is no wire head reserved on the wall before the decoration, do not choose
The wall lamp is used for bedside lighting, because the wall lamp is usually installed in the middle of the wall. When there is no dark line, you need to pull a wire on the wall according to the position of the wall lamp, but in this case, the smooth wall will appear unsightly.

    4. Energy-saving lamps cannot be dimmed:
     Because the energy-saving lamp itself is an energy-consuming lamp, it can save electricity compared to ordinary light bulbs with the same light. If the energy-saving lamp is used as the adjustable light, the energy-saving lamp will reduce its service life due to frequent changes in the light effect. Therefore, when choosing an adjustable light source, it is better to buy an ordinary light bulb.


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