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The 5th World Science and Technology Development Forum Opens in Shenzhen


On the November 24, the 5th World Science and Technology Development Forum (WSTDF) opened in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, Wan Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee attended the main forum and delivered a speech.

Wan Gang emphasised that peace and development are the guiding principles of the people for a brighter future and the everlasting theme of humankind. Moving forward, every nation worldwide should strengthen openness and collaboration on science and technology to address important international issues. We shall build a new model for scientific governance and a new ecosystem defined by joint contribution and shared benefits.

Centered around the theme of “Openness, Trust, Cooperation”, the 5th WSTDF comes to Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area for the first time. Esteemed guests include Nobel Laureate in Economics Thomas J. Sargent, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Thomas Südhof, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bai Chunli and Ling Wen. They shared enlightening analysis on topics such as global innovation, science and technology partnerships in the Belt and Road Initiative, medicine development, and green energy transformation.

Those invited to engage in high-level talks included Yang Xueming, head of Shenzhen Free Electron Laser Project; Zhao Zhentang, Director of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) Science Center; Feng Donglai, Director of National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory in Hefei; Song Yonghua, President of the University of Macau; and Eiji Kako, senior professor of High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, along with other renowned directors of major scientific installations, who engaged in lively and passionate exchanges. The 5th WSTDF also announced the top ten cutting-edge new technologies in chemistry and the top ten industry development directions for Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.

The WSTDF is jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, with generous support from more than ten other international and national institutions. Until November 26, 11 parallel forums will be hosted alongside the main event. More than 200 academics and professionals from 21 countries and regions will conduct in-depth discussions on the future development of a civilization of science and technology.


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