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“Successful Implementation of Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Activities at Taiyangcheng Primary School in Dezhou City - Teacher An Lan Guides Students in Exploring Russian Culture”




On January 11, 2024, a splendid Sino-Russian cultural exchange event was successfully held at Taiyangcheng Primary School in Dezhou City. Organized by the Propaganda Department of the Dezhou Municipal Committee, this event featured a unique online teaching session led by Teacher An Lan from the Russian "ECOTEH+" National School for the students of Grade 6, Class 2.


During the exchange event, Teacher An Lan first introduced the students to the geographical location of Russia, providing them with a preliminary understanding of the country. She went on to explain the 33 letters of the Russian alphabet in detail, encouraging the students to boldly attempt pronunciation. The students showed great enthusiasm for learning, actively participating in interactions and showcasing their learning achievements.

Teacher An Lan also guided the students to further explore Russian culture. She displayed the Russian national flag, explaining its symbolic meaning and historical background. Additionally, she shared various Russian cuisines, allowing the students to experience the unique charm of Russian culinary delights.


In order to help students better grasp the pronunciation of Russian letters, Teacher An Lan conducted focused teaching. She provided detailed explanations of the pronunciation of the letters [А], [Э], [О], and [У], guiding the students in adjusting lip and tongue movements to ensure accurate pronunciation. The students listened attentively, earnestly imitating the pronunciation, displaying a highly focused learning attitude.

During the interactive segment, the students actively participated, engaging in lively discussions with Teacher An Lan. They raised their questions, shared their insights, and exchanged their understanding and feelings about different cultures. The entire classroom atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

Amidst enthusiastic applause, the Sino-Russian cultural exchange event concluded successfully. Through this activity, the students not only gained a deeper understanding of Russian culture but also enhanced their language learning abilities. They expressed their intention to cherish this valuable learning opportunity and continue exploring and understanding the similarities and differences between Chinese and Russian cultures.

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